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The F – Word

Unfiltered, Unfettered, Unique thoughts on whatever strikes her crazy brain. 100% worth the read. And re-read

Neha Sudhakar

In a black and white world, where everybody frivolously takes sides, the sense of right and wrong somehow stands on slippery grounds.How many times have you heard someone tell you,” It’s all about your perspective”.And I think that s the beauty of our world, nothing is definitive.There is this undeniable sense of fluidity where each person can chisel their own say and pave the road that they want to walk in.

And on that note,I would like to bring up the quite controversial topic of “Feminism” and pour out some of my thoughts.

Though feminism holds the prefix “fem”,it only advocates equal rights for men and women.The first wave of feminism movements(late nineteenth and early twentieth century) was for women to gain political rights, more specifically voting rights.The second wave focused on gaining social equality.The third wave of feminism was rebellious where women protested against victimization and sexist…

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Published by Varun Naveen

I'm a boarding school student, with random quirky thoughts, unique and rather controversial opinions on everything, and a passion to share with everyone else.

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